Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More cards

Some cards I made tuesday. They didn't photograph perfect, but hopefully ok.


Christa said...

Mayby not perfect photo's, but really perfect cards!! I love your style and colouring ... it's great!!
May I link you on my blog?

Inger Marie said...

Wow.. i love the cards you have made:)
The colour you have use are so lovely.

Hugs from Inger Marie

Camilla said...

Lovely cards, I love the way you colour your stamps. And so many beautiful details!

_Kine said...

Du er en mester på å fargelegge!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHhh So gorgeous !!!!
I've never seen anything like this !!!!
I love your cards !!!!
Can I put the link on my blog?

Vibeche said...

WOW WOW WOW for noen flotte kort du lager, jeg er så imponert :)

Diana said...

The cards are lovely Malin :o)you're style is really great....You'll see here more of me ;o)

is it okay to link you on my blog ??

Lia said...

ooh what a lovely cards you make

Delfina said...
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