Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Runaway Bird - (a Pop up card)

You know how it is when there are just too many unpleasant things spinning around in your brain, and you need something to take your mind of things. Yeah... well, that's usually when I start on projects where I'm kind of clueless. Like a card with a pop up birdcage... But figuring it all out, made me occupied for a while there. And then I just grew tired of the whole thing, so I guess I'll save the cover of the card for another rainy day.
And - needless to say - it's all just paper. And glue. A ruler, a tired brain and a tired scalpel too.
And a runaway bird.

Thanks for visiting! :o)


Karina said...

WOW, fantastisk flot arbejde. Jeg troede først, at buret var lavet af metal! Super super flot!!!!!!!

Aina said...

WOW, jeg er helt stum......
Er det mulig?
noe så fantastisk nydelig! Du er jammen flink! :)

Hanna said...

Sa utrolig kult!! Det var virkelig spesielt. Nydelige detaljer og utrolig kreativt konsept!

Donna said...

it's an awesome birdcage Malin, don't know how you're going to fit it in a card, but it looks fabulous as it is.
Donna xx

Malin a.k.a. Boop said...

Donna, it is a pop up cage, so it lays flat as the card closes :)) Fits perfectly. I'll take a photo of it closed when I have finished the outside of the card.. one of these days :)

BA said...

such a gorgeous project
xoxo BA

Kim said...

WOW Malin that is absolutely stunning! What a beauty! Your hard work really paid off! I know the feeling you are talking about too...I just had a vision for a recent project that I didn't have a clue on either...but it turned out and i was so excited (mine will be on my blog on friday :)! I can feel your excitement from finishing this beauty!!! Stunning work hun!
Hugs~ Kim

BlackEye said...

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