Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas cards and tags

I'm a bit sad and embarrassed now... Hardly any time for stamping for a long, long time. Almost everything I've made the last few weeks has been mass production (and not even masses of mass production...). I was asked to join a few others in a small crafts market this weekend, and I've been making some cards and tags for this. Not nearly enough, but then... I might not sell one single card. Who knows?

I don't feel it's anything to show, really - but I need to update the blog every now and then :-D, so I threw some of the stuff together and took some pics tonight. The card above was one of the samples for a class I held a few weeks ago. So was the next one: a great way to use some of all the scraps that keeps piling up. Not to happy about the fake stitching, but well...

Gift tags.... Lots and lots of gift tags:
 Wine bottle tags... or tags for.. whatever: (lots of those too :)) 
Some large cards. I've had this package of prefolded cardstock laying around for ages. Finally found some use for it:
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mass production...

Don't want you all to think that I'm not doing anything these days. I am! I am! It just isn't very exciting. I keep getting questions from people if they can buy a card or two, and I'm usually forced to say no, as I just don't have many fitting cards laying around. I do have a fairly large box of finished cards on the top of my closet, but they just doesn't fit very many occations. Biker Bob doesn't want a card with a pink fairy, Pouting Penny hates green, Grandma Gretchen doesn't know what a skater is, and so on...

Well, I decided to spend a few days on mass production of some simple cards.  I stopped by the bookstore and got some of those sheets with pictures (Like I didn't have enough of those already! *lol*)
And yeah, I dived into those stacks of old scrap paper. It just goes on and on and on... Well, I guess I can sell these mini-cards really cheap :)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fairy Snow - Christmas in July

Only five months until christmas! These months will probably fly, so I better get started on the christmas cards :) Felt like doing some real distressing today, it's been less of that lately. And I played with glimmer mist again. Always fun, but a bit hard to capture on photos.

The stamp is Fairy Snow. I'm kind of happy about how she turned out. Pink is really a great color for winter and christmas, and I think I will use it more often. Not sure where the sentiments are from, but papers by Melissa Frances and MME (Signature Life), a page from an old book, felt snowflakes by Little Yellow Bicycle

Coloring: Inktense pencils by Derwent mixed with water

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fairy Kitty

Ever had metal roofing on your house? This old house got a metal roof some years ago, and it's cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer, and it gets really green of moss and dirt. But the one good thing about it is that when it rains, it's very, very cozy upstairs in my room. I guess I'm more creative when the rain is pouring down on my metal roof, so loudly that I can hardly hear myself think.

And that's why I spent today making cards too. And even though I might own somewhere about a million fairly new papers, it gives me some satisfaction to use my very old stuff. So I found this 6x6 paperpad from K&Company (I've had it laying around since the beginning of time I think), and I managed to use some of them for the very first time.

Oh, and the stamp is Fairy Kitty (by PapilioStamps. Surprised?) It's my first card with this stamp. I think Kitty loves her kitten as much as we love our little cat. Our cat is a year old these days, and her name is Silke (Silk). She's the cutest, kindest, best cat ever :)

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Sail away...

Yeah... wish I was gettin' ready to sail away. Sail away to a place where the sun always shines. But then... how on earth would I manage to fit all my craft supplies in a tiny sailboat?

But this little fellow (or is it a girl? Your choice...) is Ready to Sail.

Not too happy about how this card turned out, but as long as we're creating and having fun, who cares?

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maya doesn't mind some rain.

Heavy rain today, and no weather for Boop to go swimming. But Maya doesn't care about some rain. -So what? she says. -You'll get wet anyway.

But she didn't expect this, did she? Moahaha, I'd rather spend the day in the craftroom, than having to deal with an octopus on my head.

Hope you all are enjoying summer, and I do hope you all have better weather than we have :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fairy Penny loves Peonies. So do I.

Peonies are my favorite flowers, and that's exactly how Fairy Penny feels too. She lives in a lovely Peony garden, where the flowers could be of any color you'd like. Papers by Basic Grey, and coloring done using Promarkers and Inktense pencils. :)

Luckily for me, my mother has the most beautiful peonies in her garden every summer. Even when I used to live on the other side of the country, she brought me some when she visited. I even remember some years ago, she wrapped them in wet paper, and mailed them to me.

Also: If you own a stamp by PapilioStamps, you can enter this challenge: "You could be the Winner!" Be sure to enter before 7 July. :-)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fairy Auburn

Hi, again! It should have been a card filled with sunshine and colors today, as we're still in June. But every time I looked out the window during the day, it felt like autumn was already here. Grey skies and rain all day. But I really don't mind that much. I love autumn - it's my favorite time of the year. And the best thing about rainy days is that you can do the things you like to do indoors, without having to feel bad for not enjoying the outdoors.
So I made this card, pretending September was knocking on the door, bringing a thermos of coffee and asking me to join her for a walk in the woods to collect mushrooms. Stamp is "Fairy Auburn", colored with Promarkers and Inktense pencils.

I will enter this one too into the challenge over at A Spoon Full of Sugar, as it fits this week's theme :) Check them out!

Also: If you own a stamp by PapilioStamps, you can enter my challenge over at the Papiliostamps-blog: "You could be the Winner!" Be sure to enter before 7 July. :-)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fairy Bliss

Feels wonderful to be creating again, even if it's just a simple card or two. Who cares if the stash fills up the whole livingroom, dining table, coach and half of the ground floor. The cat is having a ball trying to get my ribbons out of the Pull-EZ, and trying to have little naps on top of my papers.

Well, this is what I made this afternoon. A card with the stamp "Fairy Bliss", and papers by Basic Grey. I'm not sure about the brand of the sentiment... sorry about that. I made this for the challenge over at A Spoon Full of Sugar, please check out their wonderful challenges, sponsors and designers. This weeks challenge was to make a "Good Luck"/"Best Wishes"-card. My card is colored with Promarkers and Inktense pencils - as usual.
Also: If you own a stamp by PapilioStamps, you can enter my challenge over at the Papiliostamps-blog: "You could be the Winner!" Be sure to enter before 7 July. :-)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Runaway Bird - (a Pop up card)

You know how it is when there are just too many unpleasant things spinning around in your brain, and you need something to take your mind of things. Yeah... well, that's usually when I start on projects where I'm kind of clueless. Like a card with a pop up birdcage... But figuring it all out, made me occupied for a while there. And then I just grew tired of the whole thing, so I guess I'll save the cover of the card for another rainy day.
And - needless to say - it's all just paper. And glue. A ruler, a tired brain and a tired scalpel too.
And a runaway bird.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

My new webshop is open!

I finally opened my webstore today! yiiihaaa! Also releasing my new line "Papilio Fairies" this friday evening. The webstore is open for customers in Norway for now, while I'm working on a solution for customers abroad. I hope this will be in place very soon.
Feel free to browse the store at
Wishing you all a wonderful friday night :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lida, My Princess

Another motif from the latest PapilioStamps. This one is called "Lida, my Princess". Still using those gorgeous papers from Webster's Pages. I just love their papers! I've used Promarkers and Inktense pencils on this one too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lydia's Party

I finally managed to make a few cards. Wohoo... After carrying a ton of my stuff downstairs to the livingroom, I spent a few hours doing the things I love to do. I don't know why I can't seem to find the time and energy more often.

Here's a card featuring the stamp "Lydia's Party" from my latest collection by PapilioStamps. Hope you all like it. Coloring: Promarkers by Letraset and Inktense pencils from Derwent. Patterned paper by Webster's Pages.
Actually, I made a bunch of cards earlier this spring, but they were all given away without having their photos taken. I haven't been too eager updating this blog, have I? Let's hope I will be a good blogging girl from now on...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of hibernation

Yeah. I know. I really don't update this blog too often, do I? And I really don't get to be creating with paper too often these days, either. My room is just too friggin' cold in the winter, and what a winter we've had! I've spent most evenings downstairs in my warm and cozy sofa, knitting and reading. But yesterday I finally sat down to create cards again.

Easter is coming up real soon! Wow, time flies. It feels like christmas was just here. I made a few Easter cards with papers from Imaginisce, and stamps by Penny Black. I always enjoy coloring with Promarkers. I need more colors, though. I heard they released some new ones while I was hibernating.

And then I made some clean & simple cards out of my beloved kraft cardstock. I really prefer the Clean & Simple style for myself, but I find it hard to mix with the fun of coloring. I guess I should stick to both.

Well, that's all for today, folks. Hope ya'll are enjoying spring :)