Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas cards and tags

I'm a bit sad and embarrassed now... Hardly any time for stamping for a long, long time. Almost everything I've made the last few weeks has been mass production (and not even masses of mass production...). I was asked to join a few others in a small crafts market this weekend, and I've been making some cards and tags for this. Not nearly enough, but then... I might not sell one single card. Who knows?

I don't feel it's anything to show, really - but I need to update the blog every now and then :-D, so I threw some of the stuff together and took some pics tonight. The card above was one of the samples for a class I held a few weeks ago. So was the next one: a great way to use some of all the scraps that keeps piling up. Not to happy about the fake stitching, but well...

Gift tags.... Lots and lots of gift tags:
 Wine bottle tags... or tags for.. whatever: (lots of those too :)) 
Some large cards. I've had this package of prefolded cardstock laying around for ages. Finally found some use for it:
Thanks for stopping by :))