Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ooops! I laid an egg! A really hard boiled one...

Ok, so I'm having a ball here! Or an egg, really... This was a superduper fun project, and I will be making more of this stuff!

This is something anyone can do. You don't really need a room full of equipment and stuff. A roll of aluminum tape from a hardware store, a pair of scissors, and an object to alter (like a metal or cardboard easter egg, a frame, a box, your hubby's old boot, or whatever...) and something with a little texture to stamp textures on the faux metal plates. I'm sure you have something in your stash, in your kitchen drawers, or in the garage.

I used some old eyelet setters and timbles to stamp texture into the foil tape. Worked great. 

I watched RachO113's video tutorial on youTube, and got so inspired. This is super easy, and super fun. Check it out! For more great ideas on how to use your roll of cheap fun, check out Linda's video here (I will be doing this next)

And imagine your hubby's happy face when you propose a visit to the DIY/hardware store! ;-)


Sonja said...


LivArtNow said...

WOW, Malin, this is just too cool!! Love your steampunked easter egg :) Awesome idea :) I'm inspired!! tfs, hugs and smiles, Linda

DPLblog said...

This is pretty amazing, actually. Thanks for posting.

lillesmor said...

Å fy fillern... Det var fantastisk kult!!!!
Jeg ble skikkelig inspirert, og nå må jeg ta en titt på de videoene du har linket til.
Takk for inspirasjonen!!

annes papercreations said...

Love this amazing steampunk egg. Thank you so much for sharing :-)

BA said...

wow this is gorgeous
xoxo BA

julie said...

absolutely amazing thanks for the inspiration julie x

Bernadet Rodakowski said...



Unknown said...

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